Become a webmaster in the camming niche

Whether you’re currently a camming webmaster or looking to get started, this is the site for you! Resources, guides and list of networks that offer affiliate programs, model referral programs, whitelabeled sites and more! Learn all the best practices for promoting adult camming affiliate programs and watch your income grow! Become financially independent and create a residual income through revenue-share and the consistent traffic you’ll get from Google and other search engines. There’s a ton of money in the adult webcam industry and it’s time to get your share!


Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs

Get paid promoting camming networks. Pretty much every camming network offers an affiliate program. Some networks also offer model referral programs. Get paid by sending traffic to the various cam sites. Most networks pay either a revshare on all earnings or a very healthy bonus for every qualified signup!


Model Referral / Agent Programs

Get paid by referring webcam models to camming networks. Earn a revenue-share on all model earnings or get a commission for each model referred. There are many girls, guys and couples looking for ways to earn money working from home. Reach out to these people and teach them how to succeed in the camming industry and make some great money in the process!


Whitelabeled Camming Sites

Want to run your own live webcam site? Why not whitelabel an existing network instead? With a whitelabel, you slap your brand name on an existing camming site. They take care of all the technical aspects, hiring the models and everything else. You get to focus on promoting and driving traffic. Get paid a revenue-share on all transaction that happen on your version. Customize the look, feel and what categories are included. It’s the easiest way to start and run your own camming site.


Adult Publisher Ad Networks

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to monetize your adult sites. Make money by adding advertisements to your website. By partnering with an adult publisher network, you can add a variety of advertisements to your website. Add display ads, pop-under codes, redirect scripts, instant-messaging ads, page-peels and more! Get paid for clicks and impressions. It’s a great way to make additional revenue off your adult sites.


Camgirls / Adult Performers Wanted!

Interested in becoming an adult performer? Click on the link above to get all the information you need to get started in the adult industry. Work from home, set your own hours and only do the type of performances you want to do. Geoblocking helps to make sure nobody in your area finds you and helps protect your privacy. The earning potential is near limitless and there are girls out there making thousands per day!