Adult Camming Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media



Marketing Adult Webcam Affiliate Offers Using Social Media

Social media is a great free tool for affiliate marketers. Some of the mainstream social networks are adult friendly. There’s also some social media sites that are dedicated specifically for the adult industry. Some of the sites you can affiliate market directly through. Other sites require some creative approached. Here’s some of the different networks you can use, and some tips for promoting your camming offers through them.


Tumblr: Adult-Friendly Social Network

Tumblr is one of the popular adult friendly social media sites. It’s also one of the easiest to monetize. This is because Tumblr allows you to add your HTML directly into the blog. This means that you can add affiliate banners and links directly to your Tumblr template. This makes it insanely easy to monetize. When photo blogging, you’re also able to set a click-through link to your image. This is an effective way to send traffic to your website or directly to the affiliate offers. Just make sure that you indicate your blog is NSFW in the settings area.

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Twitter: Adult-Friendly Social Network

Twitter is the other major adult-friendly social media site. It’s also the most popular site for camgirls, porn star and other models. This adds for some unique and creative opportunities for affiliate marketers. @Mentioning camming models when tweeting out their chatrooms or store links (deeplinking or whitelabel link) is a great way to get retweets. This in turn helps build your following and gets your affiliate offers in front of their follower-base, which consists primarily of camming customers and fans. Twitter is also an insanely easy network to automate.

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Affiliate Marketing Through Porn-Pinning Sites

There are tons of “Pinterest Clone” porn-pinning sites out there. There’s also many scripts available that allow you to create your own. These sites allow you to upload and share your photo and video content. Some of these sites even allow you to upload your own banner artwork and link! Pretty much every image you pin on any of the sites will automatically add a click-through link to the page it was pinned from. Perfect for driving traffic to your site! You can also watermark images with a website address that redirects to an affiliate offer.



Promoting Adult Programs Through Facebook

Even though Facebook isn’t an adult-friendly social network, it can still be marketed through. Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that it won’t someday result in a ban. Social networks sometimes swing the ban-hammer when a profile is technically compliant, but pushing the boundaries. Even if you’re not posting NSFW images or links, you can still drive traffic. By having a branded Facebook page and watermarking SFW images, you can get people Googlging your site name or typing in the url. Can also add call-to-actions in the message body.

Promoting Adult Programs Through Google+

Promoting through Google+ is a lot like promoting through Facebook. You can’t post NSFW content, but you can still drive traffic. By having a branded page, you can get people Googling your website name. You can also watermark and/or add other text to any SFW photos your uploading to your page. This will get your followers to punch in the url to access your site and content.


Automation Vs Manual Posting

Should you automate your social media accounts, or manage them all yourself? There’s merits to going both ways. With automated social media accounts, things get posted on their own, saving you time. When done correctly, social media automation is basically money on autopilot. When done wrong, or even just semi-correctly, the social media account can appear incredibly spammy. In fact, some sites might remove you from queries and hashtags because they detect duplicate content and automations. It’s also possible to take a hybrid approach, and have some automated triggers while still posting on your own, conversing with people and doing all thoseSOCIAL things.


Driving Traffic to Websites Vs Driving Traffic Straight To Offers

One question you should be asking yourself is whether it’s more effective to drive traffic directly to the affiliate offers, or to your camming niche site instead. There’s advantages to going either route, as well. When sharing the affiliate offer itself, the traffic doesn’t have to click-through to the offer from your website. They’re sent directly to the advertiser. There might be better monetization from the website, however. If you have different offers posted on your site, they might register for multiple. They might also like your site and return at a later date. It’s also possible to take a hybrid approach.


Running One Social Media Handle Vs Running Multiple

Another┬áthing to consider is how many social media handles you should be running. The more handles you’ve got, the greater your potential reach. But it also turns into a lot of micromanagement and it’s harder to keep the social media from looking spammy. There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about running multiple handles, and scaling them all up in a smart fashion.

If you’re going to be running multiple social media accounts, you might want to consider making them all different niches or sub-niches. This way they’re all not directly competiting with each other, and there’s a unique appeal with each of them. Any time you can get things niche, you’re appealing to a specific audience interested in that niche. It’s also easier to pair up a more relevant offer to those handles. Niche offers with niche traffic usually tends to perform better than a more broad, generic offer.

Also consider the sites TOS. Do they allow for multiple accounts? If one account gets banned, will the other accounts get banned as well? Are you running so many handles that you need to consider running a proxy? These are all relevant questions you should be asking yourself when creating and scaling up multiple social media accounts.