Adult Display Ads

Network Display Ad Pop-Under IM Ads Mobile Redirect In-Text Page Peel More Info
Click Papa Yes Yes Yes Yes No No ClickPapa
Ero Advertising Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes EroAdvertising
ExoticAds Yes No No No No No ExoticAds
JuicyAds Yes Yes No Yes No No JuicyAds
Plugrush Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Plugrush

Adult Display Ads: Add display ads to your website or blog. Simply copy and paste the code-snippet into your website where you want the ads to display and the network will take care of the rest. Advertisements will show up on your website and you’ll get paid based on number of clicks or impressions (depending on the network). Choose which categories you want displayed to better match the theme of your site and customize the color schemes to make the advertisements better match the design of your website.

Pop-Unders: Add a snippet of Javascript to the header of your website or blog to automatically add pop-unders to your site. Pop-unders appear in the background, making it non-intrusive to visitors. The pop-unders will activate when a visitor clicks anywhere on your site. Because the user doesn’t have to click on an advertisement in order for it to count as a click, pop-unders are generally much more profitable than traditional display advertisements. The network takes care of selling the ad-space and all you have to do is publish content and drive traffic. Choose which categories of pop-unders you want to better match the content of your website or blog.

Instant Message (IM) Ads: Instant message advertisements pop-up in a corner of the screen. Most IM ads resemble an instant messaging or chat window and the most common type of advertisers are webcam sites, dating sites and other chat-related sites. The IM ad will usually feature a sexy women wanting to chat and connect with the user. Sometimes the geo-location is used to make it appear like the women is from the same location as the viewer.

Mobile Redirect: Mobile redirects detect whether the traffic is desktop or mobile. All mobile traffic gets redirected to an advertisement. Some networks let you choose whether you only want to redirect the traffic once, or everytime they visit the site on the mobile device. The offer is usually tailored towards the mobile traffic, featuring an adult app or mobile optimized landing page.

In-Text: In-text advertisements will highlight keywords in any text content. The highlighted keywords link to a relevant advertisement. Some advertisements have to be clicked on while others only require that the users move their mouse over the highlighted keywords. When the mouse moves over the highlighted words, an advertisement will appear and you get paid from the clicks.

Page-Peels: A page-peel resembles the turning page of a magazine. It’s featured in the corner of the screen and generally has a mouse rollover effect. When a user moves the mouse cursor over the page-peel, the page will start turning even more, taking up most the screen and showing the advertisement on the other side. Webmasters get paid based on the number of clicks on the page-peel ad.