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Get Paid Promoting The XCams Model Referral Program

Get paid refering models to XCams. XCams offers two program options for the model referral program. You can either earn 10% for the first 12 months, of 5% for life. I’m always a fan of lifetime revshare programs, so I would highly suggest going for the lifetime revenue share program! XCams is a very popular European camming site and is perfect for all your European camming model traffic.


Program Payment Information: When and How You Get Paid

Payments are sent twice a month. For the activity of the first 15 days of the months, you get paid on the 20th. For the activity of the last 15 days of the months, you get paid on the 5th of the following month. Payments are made via bank wire or Payoneer.


Build A Residual Income With 5% Lifetime Revshare

Get paid 5% of all referred model’s income for life! Or if you’d prefer, get 10% for the first year. I would highly suggest going for the 5% lifetime. In theory, if a model cams for two whole years, you’ll have made more than the 10% for the first year. Why I say you’d make more instead of just as much, is because the model has already learned the ropes and built up a following. Therefore the model should be making more in the second year than in the first year.


XCams Model Referral

XCams Promotional Tools

XCams gives you promotional banners to promote the model referral program. These animated gif banners come in a variety of styles and finish sizes.

Copy and paste the code to add these promotional banners to your websites, blogs and anywhere else you can upload images and set a click-through link.


Model Referral Links Automatically Added To Whitelabeled Sites

If you’re running an XCams whitelabel, your model referral link is automatically added to the footer of the website. This makes it possible to monetize all types of traffic that visits the whitelabeled version of XCams. This is just another way XCams makes it easy to recruit models with their referral program.


Recruit Females, Males, Transexuals and Couples

XCams accepts all genders and couples as well. This makes it easy to promote the program to a wide audience. Make money from your male and transexual traffic in addition to recruiting camgirls.


Register For The XCams Model Referral Program Today!

Ready to get started? Register for the XCams model referral program today! Registration is quick and easy, and you can get started instantly. In addition to recruiting webcam models, get paid promoting the camming site to customers and build your own whitelabeled version of their site! The XCams affiliate program gives you many ways to earn and the tools you need to succeed.

More information on the CamsPower / XCams affiliate program


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Are You A Camming Model? Register For XCams!

Are you a webcam model? Learn more about becoming an XCams model. XCams is one of the top European camming sites with global traffic. XCams accepts female, male, transexual models and couples. Getting started is quick and easy and after your account is verified you can start earning right away.