CamPartner: The AmateurCommunity Affiliate Program


Promote The AmateurCommunity Affiliate Program

AmateurCommunity is a very popular German [English version available] site for camming, buying/selling clips, sexting through their Hello Machine and more. CamPartner, the affiliate program powering AmateurCommunity offers a very generous 35% revshare as well as a PPL. AmateurCommunity also provides all the promo tools you need to monetize their platform. Here’s all the details.


Get Paid €2.50 PPL or 35% Lifetime Revshare

AmateurCommunity offers a generous lifetime revshare of 25% or a PPL of €2.50. On the 16th of every month payouts will be made for the timeframe of the 1st to 15th of the month. On every 1st of the month payouts will be made for the period 16th to 28/30/31st of the previous month. Payouts are made via wire or Payoneer.


CamPartner Is Available In English and German

It’s important to note that CamPartner is available in both English and German. If you’re an English webmaster, to get the English version, go to the globe icon in the top-right corner of the screen and switch from German to English. Also note that sometimes English webmasters will also receive German email newsletters and notifications.


Promotional Tools For Affiliates

Here’s the different promotional material that AmateurCommunity provides to affiliates for promotion:



AmateurCommunity Affiliate Banner



AmateurCommunity has a collection of banners for their webmasters. Includes a variety of artwork and different sizes.



One cool feature is the ability to deep-link to specific models. This is great for model directory sites. Also great for model review sites. Simply enter the nickname of the model you want to link to, and an affiliate link will be generated for you.


Downloadable Galleries

AmateurCommunity offers a very limited (and by limited I mean four) galleries to use to promote their site. If you’re running a gallery site, these can be used for that.


Layer Ads

Pop-up style layer ads. Instead of popping up in a new window, these ads appear over the webpage themselves.


Landing Pages For Ad Campaigns / Pop-Ads

AmateurCommunity gives you a series of landing pages. Perfect if you’re purchasing adult traffic or building your own pop-ads.


PHP Portal

zipped PHP files that allow you to deploy your very own AmateurCommunity portal.


Become An AmateurCommunity Affiliate Today!

Ready to get started as an AmateurCommunity affiliate? Signup for CamPartner today! Start promoting AmateurCommunity, as well as Live6, another popular German camming site. AmateurCommunity is a dynamic site offering camming, amateur clips, messaging and more. That gives it appeal to a wide range of traffic. Plenty of promo tools in both English and German. Start promoting AmateurCommunity today!


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