BongaCams Whitelabel: Build Your Own Camming Site

BongaCash: The BongaCams Affiliate Program

Rebrand BongaCams As Your Own With The Whitelabel Builder

BongaCams is one of the world’s most popular camming sites. BongaCams has some amazing global traffic, especially in Russia, Eastern Europe and the United States. BongaCams offers webmasters a whitelabled site builder. This enables you to rebrand BongaCams as your own and customize it. Webmasters earn a revshare off all transactions that occur on their version of the site. Here’s the details.


BongaCams Affiliates Get Paid 25% Revshare

BongaCams affiliates get paid revshare only. The PPS program is not available for whitelabeled sites. The whitelabel earnings and other affiliate earnings are all grouped together. The minimum payout is $200 and the available cashout methods are Webmoney, wire transfer, Paxum and Payoneer.


Choose The Gender and Default Category For Your Site

BongaCams allows you to choose the genders you want displayed on your site. Webmasters get the choice between females, gay, transgender or couples. Webmasters are also able to indicate what specific category to feature on the front page of the site. This is great for niche traffic your sending to the whitelabel. You’re able to use any BongaCams category for the default category.


Customize The Logo and Color Scheme


BongaCams gives you full control of the look and feel of the site. Upload your own custom logo and customize the colors of the whitelabeled version. BongaCams gives you several template colorschemes, but you’re able to change up all colors used, as well as the font style.


Monetize Your Whitelabel With Ad Networks

BongaCams webmasters are also able to monetize their sites through banner ads. BongaCams has multiple predefined spots and sizes for various ad zones. By registering for the different publisher / advertiser networks, you’re able to get paid from clicks or impressions. This is a great way to get paid from all traffic, and not just the traffic that spends money on your sites.

The accepted ad networks are ExoClickEroAdvertisingADXpansionItmCash and JuicyAds. Any code snippets from these sites can be added to your whitelabeled site after it’s been published.


Modify The Meta Data and On-Page Content

BongaCams also allows you to modify the metadata of all the pages, plus write your own onsite content. This is very important for search engine optimization. The only way you’re going to outrank all the whitelabeled versions that are exactly the same is to make your version different and unique. By customizing your text and meta information for all the different pages, you help their chances of ranking better in the search engines.


Ready To Get Started? Signup With BongaCash!

Ready to get started? Signup to BongaCash! Build your very own whitelabeled version of the site. Also promote BongaCams directly. BongaCash gives you all the tools you need to monetize your traffic. Emeddable content, pop-unders, dynamic banner ads, an API and more. Plus, earn a lifetime revshare for all models you’re able to refer to the network. Start promoting BongaCams today!

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