Build Your Own Camming Site

Interested in building your own camming site? Camming is the largest and most profitable segments of the adult industry vertical. Now you can get started with your very own camming site. Best of all, you don’t have to code it all yourself! There’s tons of tech partners out there that makes it very easy to deploy your own adult webcam site. See what is available and get started running your own camming site now!


Camming Scripts / CMS / Streaming Tech Providers

ModelNet – ModelNet is a very unique company. Not only have try developed a streaming tech, but they’ve found a creative model-sharing feature. One of the largest issues new camming sites face is how to initially get models onto their site. With ModelNet, you can feature models from the other camming sites leveraging the technology on your own webcam site. This allows you to make money and not look like a ghost town while you take the time to prospect and hire your own models.

Web Video – Web Video has over 10 years of experience as a technology solution in the camming vertical. Web Video is a feature rich solution that makes it easy to deploy your own camming site. Includes features for models, studios, affiliates, agents and more. Web Video also offers a solution for individual models to broadcast themselves on their own personal website.

xCam – xCam is a turnkey CMS that makes it easy to deploy your very own camming site. The script is 100% documented and very easy to customize to your specifications. Deploy your own camming site instantly and get started as a camming site owner right away. xCam comes with Chaturbate and BongaCams integration, providing a way to feature other models on your site.


Camming Scripts For Affiliate Marketers

There’s tons of different tools and scripts out there for webmasters and affiliate marketers. These scripts can help affiliate marketers promote camming offers and build niche sites. Here’s some of the different tools available and some additional information about them.

The Online Twitter Poster – Automatically post to Twitter when new models come online. Also post reminders if a model is still online. This script supports unlimited Twitter accounts. You can choose to only tweet certain models by using a custom list. Supports hashtags by categories and automatically attaches images and links.

The Cam Site Builder – Easy deploy an affiliate site promoting the best camming sites. The aggregator will automatically populate the database with all the model information. The script will constantly verify which models are online, and display them accordingly. Add extra content with the text spinner and auto-content creation feature. Auto-creates text and titles and also imports galleries. Comes with easily modifyable responsive templates. Also use your own custom templates. Supports most traffic trade scripts.

The Cam Blog Builder – This is not a plugin, it’s a stand alone script that connects itself locally to any Wordress single blog install. The script will add new posts based on the frequency chosen. The script will also import and auto-create content using the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API. The script comes with two responsive WordPress themes. Featured cam online models are shown in the footer and you have the capacity to manage all of your banners from one place.

The Cam Multi Blog Builder – Works with the WordPress platform multi-site feature. This is not a plugin, although it does integrate with WordPress. Create hundreds of blogs and have all the blogs in your network auto-posting each day. Automatically imports data and spins the content for unique content that search engines will love. Comes with four responsive WordPress themes.


Tips / Suggestions For New Webcam Site Owners

Starting a camming site isn’t as simple as deploying a script and marketing the new site to members and models. You’ll need to know all about the industry. There’s some legal concerns that must be addressed before starting your new website. You’ll also need to know how to recruit models, attract new customers and how to differentiate yourself from the competition. Here’s some tips and suggestions for new cam site owners.


Get Legal Consultation – 2257 Compliance, Model Agreements, Ect!

Before you even get started building your own adult webcam sites, there’s some legal concerns that must be addressed. You’ll need to draft some documents such as a model agreement, TOS and privacy policy. You’ll also need to know about the 2257 compliance issues. 2257 compliance is the federal law requiring certain standards for documenting the age of your performers. This is to ensure all models are over the age of eighteen. It’s suggested to seek legal consultation on all of these matters.


How To Recruit Webcam Models For Your New Site

Recruiting webcam models is the most important part of running your new site. Without models, there is no reason for customers to join your site. There’s kind of a catch-22 here. You need customers or no models will join your site and you need models for customers to join your site. This can make for a very difficult process. Luckily there’s some companies working to remedy this predicament and there’s some solid methods for recruiting webcam models. Here’s some tips:

Build A Model Recruiting Site – It’s important that you build a model recruitment site. You can either make this as a comprehensive section of your camming site, as a sub-domain or as a completely different website. It’s not enough to just have the site. You’ll also want to run some SEO on it and make sure it ranks for good search terms that will attract qualified models. Make it comprehensive with information about your site and camming in general.

Recruit Webcam Models Through Social Media – Social media is a great way to reach potential models and stay in touch with your current models. It’s also a great way to promote your camming site in general. There are adult-friendly social media sites such as Twitter or Tumblr. There’s even some adult communities and networks. It’s also possible to recruit camming models through mainstream sites like Facebook and Google+, you just have to be careful with links and what type of content your posting.

Place Ads On Adult Classified Sites – There are tons of classified ad sites out there. Some of them are even catering directly to the adult industry. These sites get great traffic and some of them allow employers to go over submitted resumes as well. This is a great way to get free or cheap leads (some sites are premium). Learn more about recruiting webcam models through classified ad sections and get a list of available sites.

Recruiting Webcam Models Through Forums and Communities – There are several camming forums and communities out there. There’s many more adult forums and communities. Being a part of these forums is a great way to get in touch with models, webmasters and other professionals in the industry. Outside of recruiting camming models via forums, you can also learn a lot about the adult industry and the camming segment.


Marketing Your Adult Webcam Site

You’ll also have to market your camming site to customers. There’s tons of ways to go about this. Here are some tactics for marketing your new camming site:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is one of the most important marketing tactics you’ll need to learn. You don’t have to be the industry leader in SEO, but you at least need to learn the best practices and what works. By optimizing your camming site for search engines, you can tap into a steady stream of qualified customers looking for your site and your models. Although SEO takes some time to learn and even more time to get your site ranked, it’s well worth it.

Buying Ads On Adult Websites – There’s tons of adult publisher / advertiser networks out there. These sites allow you to place ads on the sites within that network. Webmasters of the different sites can easily ad their sites to the network. Adult traffic is cheap and the adult advertising networks allow you to select what categories or individual sites you want to place the ads on. By making sure the ads run on the camming / amateur sites or the fetish of your site (assuming it’s not just “general”) you can attract a large qualified audience.

Social Media Marketing – Social media is a great free source of publicity for your camming site. Social media is free to get started with and you can reach a wide audience very quickly. Stay in touch with your current customers and prospect new ones. There’s many adult-friendly social networks like Twitter and Tumblr and some sites made exclusively for adult content. It’s possible to even market over mainstream sites like Facebook and Google+, but you got to be careful about what you post.

Adult Forums and Communities – There’s a couple camming forums out there and tons of adult forums to choose from.  Being active on these forums can help you attract new customers to your site. It’s also possible to reach out to models on these websites as well.