Camming Webmaster Resource Site

Welcome to the site! This is the first blog post on what’s going to soon be a resource-packed site for everything related to making money as an affiliate in the camming niche. Who knows? Maybe by the time you’re reading this, the sites already grown and incredibly established. If that’s the case, you’re in luck!

Here’s some of the content you can expect to find on this site:


Lists Of Camming Affiliate Programs

I’m going to strive to be as comprehensive as possible with this site. There’s still a lot to build out at this point, but it’s going to be complete someday. This will be the one-stop shop to find all the camming affiliate networks in one place, being compared side-by-side.


Best Practices – How To Make Money

So how do you make money off camming affiliate programs, anyway? It’s not quite as simple as registering for a program and tweeting out some links. I’ll go over some of the tactics and best practices to make the most money promoting camming affiliate programs.


SEO and Web Development

Let’s face it, your website is the best asset when promoting any kind of affiliate program. It’s the most useful tool in your marketing arsonal when it comes to getting camming referrals. I’ll show you how to build a website, where to find contest to use and how to promote the programs through your various web presences.


More More!

Expect camming related news, reviews, rants and so much more!