CamsPower Whitelabeled Sitebuilder Info & Review

Camspower Whitelabel

Building A Whitelabeled Camming Site With CamsPower

Camspower makes it really easy to build and customize your very own whitelabeled adult webcam site. Camspower is the affiliate program for XCams, EveLive and HunksPrivate. Camspower also allows you to create and customize a whitelabeled version of their sites. A whitelabel is where you rebrand the platform as your own and customize it the way you want to. The camming site takes care of all the technical aspects and model recruiting and all you have to worry about is promoting your whitelabeled site. Webmasters get a share of the revenue their site generates.


CamsPower Is The XCams Whitelabel

The CamsPower whitelabel is powered by XCams. All the models available on XCams can be featured on your whitelabeled version. I’m not sure whether EveLive models can be featured on the whitelabel version as well, but the Models Wanted link that appears at the bottom of the whitelabeled version links to the XCams model recruiting site.


Choose Your Gender: Female, Lesbian, Gay, Transexual

CamsPower allows you to choose between female, lesbian gay or transexual camming genders. You can further customize what models appear by picking out specific categories and even specific models. Before further customizing the whitelabel, webmasters must first select the gender they want featured on their site.


Choose Specific Categories / Niches

CamsPower allows webmasters to further customize the niche of their site by selecting from specific categories. When running a whitelabeled camming site, it’s always a good idea to make it a niche site instead of a general (all categories) site. This is because it’s easier to do SEO for a niche site and the conversion rates are better. Being able to drill down on specific categories makes it easier to build your niche camming site.


Add / Remove Individual Models

For those that want to truly customize what performers show up on the whitelabeleld version, CamsPower allows webmasters to add and remove models from the whitelabeled version. There’s a handy search feature to allow you to find models on their site. With a simple click of the button, you can either add or remove selected models from the site.

If you’re running a studio on XCams, this is a great way to feature your studio models and only feature your studio models.


Customize The Site Logo, Color Scheme and Design

CamsPower Whitelabel Design

CamsPower lets you customize many different design elements of the site, allowing you to create a truly unique version. In addition to being able to select a color scheme and upload a custom logo, you’ve got control over fonts, menus, onsite copy, model thumbnails, mouse rollover effects and more. CamsPower is one of the most customizable whitelabel on the market!


Tools To Promote Your Whitelabel

CamsPower gives webmasters a wide range of tools to promote their whitelabel. These tools are found with the other banners and promo tools they’ve got for their network. Here’s what’s available for promoting your whitelabel:

Banners – Choose between a wide selection of categories and finish sizes. Very clickable animated gif banners.

Pop-Unders – Ads a pop-under ads to your site. Choose the niche and generate your code. When someone clicks on your site, a pop-under will generate in the background.

Chat Applet – Creates a chat box that floats on the visitors screen. The chat box contains a live feed including audio. You can customize what models will appear, including gender, age and ethnicity.


Add Hard Links and Banner Link

If you’re running other websites (whitelabels or sites you’ve built) the hard links and banner link can be a great way to build a backlink from your CamsPower whitelabel. CamsPower lets you choose the destination URL and the anchor texts for your links. You can also upload one banner and choose a destination link. The banner will appear at the footer of the site.

If you don’t use the banner and hard links for linkbuilding and traffic generation for your other websites, you can use those links to promote other affiliate programs. Simply download banner artwork from an affiliate program and use that as the banner for the footer of the site.


SEO – Customize Site Meta and Content and Webmaster Tools Verification

CamsPower gives you all the tools to succeed with international SEO. CamsPower lets you modify all the meta information, header text, descriptive text and url structure. Not only can you do this with all the category pages, as well as the homepage, but you can customize all of this for all the different languages. If you’ve got international traffic and want to do SEO for multiple countries, this is the top camming whitelabel for you.

CamsPower lets you verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools. This will let the search engine know your site exists. Once verified, Google will give you valuable search data you can use to better optimize your site.

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Model Referral Banners Included

Every whitelabeled site contains a Models Wanted link at the bottom of the site. Your affiliate parameters are automatically entered and you’ll earn a revshare on all model earnings from models that register through your footer link. The XCams model referral program is directly connected with the XModels affiliate program that is also offered through CamsPower.


My Review Of CamsPower

I primarily use CamsPower for the model referral program. This is because most my sites in the camming niche are primarily resource sites and focusing on performers. I have built and deployed one CamsPower whitelabel on behalf of another webmaster and I was quite impressed by the features and the degree of customization. The fact that you can pick and choose individual models is incredible!

Being an SEO and always being concerned about linkbuilding, I like the feature of adding the hard links and the footer banner to the site The hard links can be used for linkbuilding to other websites to boost their SEO and the footer banner can be used to promote other affiliate programs, accomplishing an upsell/ cross-sell effect.

The fact that you can control the content and meta for different languages shows that they’ve put in due diligence when it comes to SEO, especially global SEO. I’m only familiar with English-speaking traffic, so this is a little over my head, but it’s insanely impressive knowing that they give you that kind of control.

Whitelabels aren’t really my style, but that doesn’t mean these sites can’t be very profitable. CamsPower was definitely the most robust one I’ve played around with yet and if I ever do deploy a whitelabeled camming site, it’ll probably be built using CamsPower.


Register For CamsPower Today!

Register for CamsPower today and start promoting one of the most innovative whitelabeled camming site builder on the market! CamsPower gives you all the tools to truly customize your site the way you like and promote it. Create niche camming sites that drill down to specific models and earn a revshare on all site profits.

More information on the CamsPower / XCams affiliate program


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