Review Of The Chaturbate Model Referral Program


Chaturbate Broadcaster Recruiting Program Review and Information

Although I’m diversifying, I originally got into the camming industry promoting model referral programs. I run a resource site teaching people how to become an adult webcam model, as well as several other web properties geared towards camming models, amateur performers and pornsars. It’s been a very profitable niche, I’m glad I jumped in and after having success, camming is the only niche I’m currently focusing on.

Chaturbate has been one of my top money makers and I’m convinced it’s the best camming affiliate program. In addition to model referrals, I’ve also got customer referrals off the same links as well! It’s got great conversion rates and I’d suggest it to any potential camming agent. The only negative feedback I have has to deal with their reporting system not being as robust as it could be and the fact that Chaturbate has the worst support I’ve seen in the entire industry. If you can live without proper support, it’s a great program! Here’s all the details.


Commission: $50 Per Broadcaster and Percent Of Their Affiliate Earnings

Chaturbate pays $50 for every referred model. Each model must make $20 before the commission is paid. In addition to the $50, you’ll earn a percentage of all the model’s affiliate earnings as well. Hopefully the model learns the value of affiliate marketing when doing their own promotion, and you end up earning a percentage of that, in addition to the $50 commission.

Me myself personally, I’m more a fan of revenue-share programs. Although they can be slow to start paying big amounts, they seem to be the most profitable programs in the long run. Even though it’s not revenue-share, it is the most profitable model referral program I’m promoting.


Conversion Rates For Referred Broadcasters

Chaturbate is one of the best converting model referral program I’ve promoted. Their stats for model referrals aren’t the best, so I can’t tell you the percentage of model registrations that result in a conversion, but I do have some idea of the model traffic I generate for them and the number of models that result in a conversion compared to other camming sites.

As far as all the model referral programs I’m promoting, Chaturbate is top tier as far as conversion rates are concerned.


Recruit Female, Male, Transgender, Couples and Groups

Most of my traffic is female, but I do get a wide range of genders looking to get started as amateur adult stars. Chaturbate accepts all genders as well as couples and groups. Promoting a model referral program that accepts all genders widens your audience. If you’ve got a niche site recruiting males, couples or transgenders, Chaturbate is an even more appealing model referral program.


Same Link For Model and Customer Referrals

This might not be the most important feature for all affiliates, but I find it insanely valuable. Although most of my traffic is model traffic, I do get a fair amount of customer traffic as well. I’ve actually got revshare customer conversions from some of my model resource sites. In a way, these conversions can be a lot more valuable as they’re lifetime revshare instead of commission-based.

On the flip-side, it’s always possible that you might also get a model referral from one of your standard affiliate links marketed towards the end-user. Having the ability to refer multiple kinds of traffic with a single link is always more optimal than having to pick and choose what kind of traffic and referrals your targeting.


Promotional ToolsChaturbate Model Recruiting Banners

Since model referrals and customer referrals can both be made through the same affiliate link, any of the Chaturbate affiliate program promotional tools can be used to refer models as well. You probably won’t be using most of the promotional tools.

Chaturbate does supply a number of banners specifically for the model recruiting program. These banners are great if you’ve got any web presences for recruiting webcam models. The banners come in several different shapes and sizes.

Outside of the model recruitment banners, it’s possible to link directly to the model signup form. This makes it much easier for prospect models to register for Chaturbate.


Model Referral Stats and Reports

The Chaturbate affiliate reports are alright but nothing that impressive. All the stats are combined into one and they don’t display the model referral stats separately. This makes it more difficult to benchmark the number of signups vs conversions, which is a little frustrating. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement, but it also gets worst.


Chaturbate Affiliate Help and Support

This is the one major place that I have to give Chaturbate a bad review. The Chaturbate support is a complete joke. The affiliate support is a little better, but far from being decent as well. I had a potential model wondering how hardware requirements. I sent an email to Chaturbate Support asking about the hardware requirements, as I couldn’t find the information in their FAQ.

Guess what? They don’t know the requirements to run their own software…….

That’s just one example shortcoming by Chaturbate Support. At least they actually read the question that time. Usually they’ll respond with a generic answer that doesn’t even address the question asked. Then I’ll send a reply back asking them to please read the initial email and actually answer the question. Sometimes I never get a second response.

Not only is this frustrating when you need relevant answers, but this could potentially affect conversion rates. I wouldn’t be surprised if some perspective models ditch the platform after receiving some very horrible support.


Chaturbate Affiliate Program: Registration and Additional Information

Ready to get started? Register for the Chaturbate affiliate program today! Promote the model referral program as well as the regular customer affiliate program. Chaturbate does a great job of converting both models and customers. Looking for all the features and additional information? We’ve got that for you: Chaturbate Affiliate Program Information.


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Are You A Model? Learn More About Getting Started With Chaturbate

Perspective models! Make money performing on Chaturbate. Chaturbate boasts great traffic, good payouts and innovative tools for models. Chaturbate is the only camming site that has it’s own app store that lets you truly customize and add new features to your chat room and cam shows.

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