Chaturbate Whitelabel Review and Alternatives


Chaturbate Affiliate Program: White Label Review

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First, let me start by saying that I think Chaturbate is the best camming affiliate program. It’s got tons of great promotional tools, converts well and best of all you can use the same link to refer both customers and models which is very valuable for the type of content I produce. So even though I’m going to be bashing the hell out of them for their crappy whitelabel, I still love their program and it’s what makes me the most money in the camming niche.


Chaturbate Whitelabel Is Not Very Customizable

The whitelabel itself is very basic. You’re able to set the color scheme, choose which gender you want and upload a custom logo. This is very, very, very basic when compared to other whitelabels. If you’re curious as to what you can actually customize, here is what’s available:

Chaturbate Whitelabel Customization

As you can see, the customization doesn’t include anything more than changing the color scheme, gender and logo. If you’re creating a whitelabeled site, you want it to stand out from the crowd. You want it to look unique and like it’s something proprietary. Not something that’s simply been reskinned and rebranded.


Selecting The Gender Doesn’t Remove Other Genders

By biggest pet peeve about the Chaturbate whitelabel; choosing the gender doesn’t remove the other genders. It simply makes the homepage only feature the gender you select. There’s still the tabs for the other genders located on the top and the footer links at the bottom.

Chaturbate White Label Gener

The screen capture above is from a “female” gender Chaturbate whitelabel. As you can see, all the other genders can be accessed from the footer as well as the top tabs. The other genders are also mixed into the other selections (age, region, ect). If you only want a specific gender, that means you only want a specific gender¬†sitewide! Chaturbate doesn’t deliver that.


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Don’t let my review of the whitelabel scare you from becoming a Chaturbate affiliate. Chaturbate is a great affiliate program, even if their whitelabel is incredibly cookie-cutter. Register as a Chaturbate affiliate today! Chaturbate offers a wide-range of promotional tools and programs to promote. Get paid a lifetime revshare, pay-per-lead and by referring models to the network.

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Chaturbate Alternatives For Whitelabeled Camming Sites

If you’re looking for alternatives to Chaturbate for whitelabels, we can help you out. Check out our section on whitelabeled adult camming¬†sites. It lists out all the different options for building out your whitelabel and links to additional information about the particular network and affiliate program. As sad as it is to say, pretty much everything listed there is better than the Chaturbate whitelabel and would make a better alternative.