ExtraLunchMoney Affiliate Program / Referral Scheme

ExtraLunchMoneyExtraLunchMoney Affiliate Program

ExtraLunchMoney is a clip selling site / adult marketplace site. ExtraLunchMoney supports a wide range of services that models can offer. Downloadable content (clips / vids) and texting are their most popular features. Models can setup their own custom jobs, however, and use the site to sell just about anything. Although it’s not the most extravagant affiliate program in the world, ExtraLunchMoney does have a referral scheme. Here’s all the details.


Earn 20% Of The First Credit Purchase

Earn 20% of the first purchase a newly referred customer makes. In order for the referral to count, the customer must be brand new to the site. You don’t get credit from referring people that already have an extraLunchMoney account.

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Earn 20% Of The Credits Earned From Sellers First Sale

You can also earn 20% of the sale amount from the first sale that a seller makes. This is for downloadable content only (photo galleries, videos, ect) and sales such as texting, custom store items, tangibles, ect. won’t count. Perfect for your model / camming traffic.

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Earn 10 Credits For First 5 Verified Members

For the first five users that become verified, you’ll earn 10 credits. This is a fun little bonus for new affiliates. There are no commissions for verified members after those first five. The seller doesn’t need to make a sale in order for this bonus to occur.


ExtraLunchMoney Supports Deep-Linking

ExtraLunchMoney supports deep-linking to any of their pages. This is a good thing for affiliates, as the default ref-link lands on your user profile. If you’re only using ExtraLunchMoney for the referral program, it’s much better to have the traffic hit the homepage, or some other page, rather than your empty, blank profile page. To switch the links, simply append ‘?ref_user=[USERNAME]’¬†to the url of whatever page you are wanting to link to.


Signup For ExtraLunchMoney Today!

Ready to get started promoting¬†ExtraLunchMoney? Register today! To access the affiliate program, simply create a user account. Your referral links can be accessed on the page for editing your profile. You will have to get verified in order to withdraw the funds. Make money off both customer and seller referrals. It’s not the most established affiliate program out there, but it’s still a great addition to the other sites you’re promoting in the camming / amateur niche.