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LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

Webmasters: Promote The LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

Sign up for the LiveJasmin affiliate program and get paid promoting one of the world’s most popular adult camming site. LiveJasmin is a well established camming site with a well established affiliate program. The LiveJasmin affiliate program offers a wide range of promotional tools to use to promote their program. Customize and use beautiful dynamic widgets and ad types, build a whitelabeled version of the site and more!


Earn Revshare Or Pay-Per-Signup

Earn up to $300 per each member new to our network. Cookie validity: 30 days non-rewritable, renewable after 30 days. First cookie wins. New signups of all credit packages worth at least 17.99 shall be eligible for the Tiered PPS payouts network-wide.

The basis of the commission you receive is the number of successful signups eligible for the Tiered PPS referred in each period:

1 – 2 – $150
3 – 10 – $200
11 – 20 – $225
21 – 50 – $250
51+ – $300LiveJasmin Affiliate Program - RevShare

Earn up to 60% commission per each member who is new to our network. These amounts are not subject to change or a promotional value, it is a permanent increase.

Once the member is bound to your account, you keep receiving commissions after their credit purchases, whether or not the purchase was made through your affiliate link.



Affiliate Earnings and Payment Information

Affiliate earnings vary greatly. The LiveJasmin affiliate program gives performance bonuses based on your traffic and conversions. The better your traffic performs, the more you earn.

Minimum Payment: $100

Payout Schedule: Each month consists of two payment periods; the first period of a month lasts from the 1st until the 15th, while the second period of a month lasts from the 16th until the last day of the month.

Payment Options:

Check – Choosing paper check as your payout method does not entail additional costs in terms of ordering the check and mailing it to the address provided. The standard checks sent can be cashed in check cashing facilities and deposited to bank accounts

Payoneer – Payoneer is an e-Wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid on your Payoneer virtual account from where you can easily transfer funds either to your Payoneer MasterCard® card or to your local bank account.

ePayService – ePayService is an e-Wallet based payout solution. By choosing this option, you will be paid to your ePayService virtual account from where you can transfer funds to your ePayService MasterCard® card, to your bank account, to your Webmoney account or you can issue a paper check for yourself.


Ad Types and Promotional Tools

LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Promotional Tools

Popunder – Add a popunder code to your website or blog. When a user visits your site and clicks anywhere on the page, a LiveJasmin chat room will pop-up in the background. You get commission for all registrations from the pop ad.

Banner – Choose from a wide range of promotional banners. Each banner design comes in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions.

GIF Banner – Choose from a selection of animated gif banners. All styles come in a wide selection of sizes and dimensions.

Live Feed – Add a live chatroom feed to your website or blog. Choose what categories of models to include, or indicate a specific model or set of models.

IFrame – Add an iframe to your website or blog. Choose between different designs and layouts and indicate what gender you’d like displayed.

Custom IFrame – Much like the iframe tool, but you’ve got complete control over everything. Build the iframe exactly the way you want it.

Redirect Tool – Redirects smart phone, tablet and smart tv traffic. I don’t recommend redirect scripts because of user experience and SEO reasons, but many webmasters have a lot of luck with these type of promo tools.

Link Code – Generic link codes. The link code generator allows you to select from a range of landing pages.

Page Peel – Page peel ads. Paste the code snippet into your site and an ad resembling a magazine turning the page appears in the corner of the screen with a mouse rollover effect.

Slide Bar – Select your niche and generate the code for a floating slider that can be added to your website or blog.

Hypno Image – Holographic looking banner ads with a mouse rollover effect. Incredibly trippy banners that are highly clickable.

Hypno Banner – Hypno banners resembing the hypno images, but in banner size. Customize the elements of the mouse rollover effect.

Overlay Ad – Interstitial overlay ad that is set to load a short time after the visitor has been on the site. Can be closed by clicking outside the ad area.


LiveJasmin Whitelabel: Build Your Own Cam Site

Create your own version of LiveJasmin and get paid a part of the revenue. LiveJasmin takes care of all the technical aspects and manages the models and support. All you have to do is drive traffic to the whitelabeled version and make money!

The LiveJasmin whitelabel is very customizable. Choose the genders you want featured on your site and sub-niches within each genre. Customize the design and style just the way you want it and modify all the titles and meta to make your site unique and perform better in the search engines.

More whitelabels: Adult Camming Whitelabeled Sites


LiveJasmin Model Referral / Agent Program

Get paid to refer webcam models to LiveJasmin. LiveJasmin offers a model referral program. LiveJasmin gives you a special model referral link to promote their model recruitment portal. The model referral program provides tools to promote the program, such as banners and a model income calculator. More model referral programs.


Model Income Calculator

The most innovative feature of the model referral program. The model income calculator prompts the model to enter his or her gender, their age and how many hours they expect to cam per day. When they hit enter, a pop-up takes them to the LiveJasmin model center with the answer. This also does the cookie thing and you get credit for any models that signup through the income calculator.


LiveJasmin Webmaster Referral Program

Get paid to refer other webmasters to the LiveJasmin affiliate program. LiveJasmin gives you a special referral link and promotional tools. When a prospective webmaster clicks on one of the links or banners, they’re taken to the webmaster portal.


Webmaster Income Calculator

Just like there’s an income calculator for models, there’s an income calculator for webmasters. The webmaster income calculator will prompt the affiliate for the traffic source and amount of traffic. When the affiliate clicks the button to calculate the income, they’re brought to the LiveJasmin affiliate portal with the average webmaster income for their traffic.


Register For The LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Today!

Register for the LiveJasmin affiliate program today! Make money promoting the LiveJasmin affiliate program, referring webcam models to the site and by running your own whitelabeled version of their sites. LiveJasmin gives their affiliates a wide range of promotional tools and everything you need to succeed as a camming webmaster.



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Are You A Camgirl? Register As A LiveJasmin Model!

Are you a camming model comparing the different cam sites? Then check out what LiveJasmin has to offer. LiveJasmin is a well established site that boasts some of the top models. In addition to getting paid from live camming, you can earn money from premium content subscriptions as well. Learn more: Become A LiveJasmin Model.