LiveJasmin Model Referral Program: Information and Review


Make Money Referring LiveJasmin Camming Models

To get started with the LiveJasmin model referral program, you must first register for the LiveJasmin affiliate program. The LiveJasmin model referral program gives you all the marketing tools and resources you need to succeed in recruiting potential camming models, including a very innovative model income calculator. Here’s the details on the LiveJasmin model referral program.


How Much You Earn Recruiting LiveJasmin Models

LiveJasmin offers affiliates 36% of a model’s revenue for their first year. I’ve got mixed feelings about their revshare. I’m a bigger fan of revshare than I am commission-based, but I would of happily settled for a 5% lifetime revshare over only being able to earn for the first year.

Payments are made via Payoneer, check or ePayService. There is a $100 minimum payout.


LiveJasmin Promotional ToolsLiveJasmin Model Referral Program

LiveJasmin gives their affiliates banner artwork and even a model income calculator to market their program! There’s two styles of model recruiting banners that come in a wide range of dimensions. There’s also a linkbuilding tool that gives affiliates the option of choosing between several landing pages.


Adult Webcam Model Income Calculator

This is a great tool that generates tons of clicks and traffic. The model income calculator is perfect for marketing to beginner camming models that are researching the industry and possible camming sites. The income calculator prompts the performers to select their age, gender and how many hours they expect to be camming each day. When they click on the button to calculate their earnings, they’re taken to a landing page with the answer and a call-to-action to register. The pop-up window with the answer has your affiliate tracking codes.


Accepts All Genders: Female, Male, Couples and Transgenders

LiveJasmin accepts female, male, couples and transgender models. If you’ve got niche gender traffic, LiveJasmin is a great program to promote.


Referral Program Stats and Reports

The stats are by no means the best but sure get worst. LiveJasmin reports the model referral earnings with the webmaster referral earnings. There is a detailed stats page that breaks down your tier-1 models and tier-2 models. It doesn’t indicate how many active models are contributing to the earnings, only how much you’ve made by each tier of model. LiveJasmin doesn’t give you the profile name or links of any of your model referrals.


My Review Of The LiveJasmin Model Referral Program

In all honesty, this is a hard one to review. With their limited stats, I don’t even know how many referred models are actively performing on their site. I know how much I’m making off the program, but without better metrics on number of referrals, number of active models, ect. I don’t know what my conversion rates look like.

I’m also disappointed that they don’t offer Paxum as a payment option. This and ManyVids are the only adult affiliate programs I can think of that doesn’t offer Paxum and Paxum is the payment processor I use for every other one. With ManyVids, at least they offer direct deposit, which is what I use for them and something that LiveJasmin doesn’t offer to affiliates.

I am making money off the program though and the amount I’m earning monthly keeps ramping up. I hope it continues that way and I hope the income is between multiple models and not just a single one that will eventually have her 1-year anniversary and no longer generate profit.

The income calculator is one of the most innovative promotional tools for model referral programs that I’ve seen. It drives tons of traffic to their program and is great for beginner camming models that might be researching the industry and don’t currently belong to any camming sites.

LiveJasmin accepts all genders, which makes it easy to promote it to a wide range of audiences. If you’ve got content or sites specifically marketing to couples, male or transgender models, this is a great program to promote.


Register For The LiveJasmin Model Referral Program Today!

Ready to get started? Register for the LiveJasmin affiliate program and start promoting their model referral program today! LiveJasmin gives you all the tools and resources you need to succeed. Earn 36% of all model revenue for an entire year!


More Information On The LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

Learn more about the LiveJasmin affiliate program. In addition to getting paid to refer webcam models, make money promoting either their pay-per-signup or revenue-share programs. LiveJasmin even has a whitelabeled camming site builder that allows you to build and customize your own version of their entire site! Learn More: LiveJasmin Affiliate Program.


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Models Wanted! Information For LiveJasmin Performers

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    I usually go to there is often a coupon / discount code and a lot of free credits. Grils are more willing and much nicer and better looking !

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    Hi Nathan Hammond, your link for the yasmin affiliate programm doesnt work. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • Appears to be working for me, but definitely going to look more into it. Thanks, and good looking out!