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LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

LiveJasmin Whitelabel: Rebrand LiveJasmin As Your Own!

Register for the LiveJasmin affiliate program and get access to their whitelabeled site builder. A “whitelabel” is where a company lets you rebrand their product and sell it as your own. In this case, you’re able to rebrand LiveJasmin as your own and get paid for any sales that are made on your version of the site. LiveJasmin handles all the technical aspects, hosting, development, payment processing and hiring of models. All you need to focus on is promoting your whitelabeled version and driving sales. Here’s all the details on the LiveJasmin whitelabel.


LiveJasmin Whitelabel Revshare Payouts

Whitelabel Pays Up To 60% Revshare

LiveJasmin has a tiered payout model for the whitelabel revshare. The more your referrals spend on your version of the site, and the greater the percentage you’ll earn. The revshare tiers are outlined on the chart to the right. The lowest tier is 40% at 199 tokens or less per month. At 8,500+ tokens per month, you’ll hit the 60% revshare tier.

In addition to earning on token purchases, you can also make money from model and webmaster referrals with the links that are automatically added to the footer of the site.


Choose Genders, Fetishes and Sub-Niches

LiveJasmin gives you full control over what kind of models that you want featured on the whitelabeled version of the site. Choose what genders you want featured on your site. The options are female, male or transgender. You’re then able to get more granular and choose what fetishes you want featured on the site. LiveJasmin gives you tons of options to further customize the type of models that appear. Choose between age, the type of shows they perform, hair color, eye color, body type and more.


Choose Genders, Fetishes and Sub-Niches


This allows you to create some very customized niche camming sites. Niche camming sites are easier to do search engine optimization on and can be effective with targetting a specific kind of traffic. Someone might opt for the whitelabeled version because (s)he knows that the site caters to the particular fetishes they’re interested in.


Customize The Style Of The Site

LiveJasmin gives you full control over the color scheme and design of your site. Choose between a predesigned color scheme or completely customize your own. Upload your own custom logo and modify a number of other elements of the site.

Customize The Style Of The Site

Customizing the look and feel of the site will make your whitelabeled version truly unique and different from the other ones out there. LiveJasmin also gives you the option between choosing their classic style or the new Tube Style layout.


SEO: Customize Meta, Text, Header Text, Add Backlinks and More

LiveJasmin gives you some additional options and tweaks to help optimize your whitelabel for SEO. This includes customizing the meta data, the onsite content, adding backlinks to your other site and more. Here’s what’s available:

Allow Robots – Allow crawlers to index your site. Should leave this checked on at all times.

Multi-Language Optimization – All the below settings can be configured for each language version. This will help you with international SEO.

Metadata – Customize the meta information for all the main pages on your site.

Custom Text – Customize the header and paragraph text on all the pages. Customizing this will help make your content unique from other whitelabels and will greatly help with search engine rankings.

Custom Links – Add links to pages on the whitelabel or your other sites.

3rd Party Tools – Sync with the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Ahrefs
  • Alexa
  • Plugrush
  • Yandex


Built In Blogging Functionality

Although it’s incredibly basic and simple, the LiveJasmin whitelabel has a built in blogging functionality. Use this for updates, announcements and blog posts that can help with SEO. Blogging is one way to make the content on your site unique from other LiveJasmin whitelabels.


Earn From LiveJasmin Model Referrals

In addition to earning from the token purchases that occur on your site, you can also make money from any model referrals you’re able to make. There will be a Models Wanted link in the footer of your site. Any potential models that click on the link and register for an account will earn you a revshare for a period of time. This is one more way to earn with the LiveJasmin whitelabel.

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LiveJasmin Whitelabel Promotional Tools

Branded Newsletter – Would you like your members to receive Newsletters from time to time, customized to your own brand? You got it!

Promotional Banners – LiveJasmin has tons of promotional banners through their affiliate program. Simply use them to link to your site instead of the sites in their network.


Build Your Own Whitelabled Camming Site Today!

Ready to get started building your own whitelabel? Register for the LiveJasmin affiliate program today! in addition to building your own whitelabeled version of the site, you’ll also be able to get paid promoting all the sites owned by Jasmin and earn money by referring webcam models to the network. LiveJasmin gives their affiliates tons of promotional tools to help them succeed.

Learn more about the LiveJasmin affiliate program.



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Are You A Potential Webcam Model?

Are you  a potential webcam model looking for a site to perform on? Then you consider getting started as a LiveJasmin webcam model. LiveJasmin is a well established camming site with solid traffic and a proven track record. In addition to getting paid from live camming, you can  also get paid from selling premium content from your profile page. In addition to becoming a LiveJasmin model, you can also register for the LiveJasmin affiliate program to make extra money while marketing your shows!