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MongoCams Studio, Whitelabel and Affiliate Program

Webmasters: Promote the MongoCams Model Referral Programs

MongoCams / EZ Cam Sites is a very interesting platform for studios and whitelabeled site providers. It’s not like a traditional model referral program. The model referral program is done through their studio accounts. But unlike normal studio accounts, MongoCams gives a 10% increase to camming studios. This allows them to be 100% competitive with what MongoCams pays their independent models. That means you can leverage the studio program as a model referral program with a 10% commission. Unlike other studios, MongoCams will also pay out the model directly, so it can work more like an affiliate program than a traditional affiliate program. Here’s all the details.


MongoCams Model Referral Program Done Through Camming Studios

In order to monetize your model referral traffic, you’ll have to register as a MongoCams studio. A studio account is where your able to register models underneath you. Normally, the camming sites pay out the studios directly, and the studios are responsible for paying out their models. With MongoCams, you can have them payout the models you refer directly. This gives their studio program the ability to also perform more like a traditional model referral program.

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Set Your Own Revshare Percentage: 10% Or Higher!

Another unique aspect about MongoCams is that they give studios a bonus 10% in payouts. This allows their studios to be more competitive as far as model payout rates. Studios can opt to only take a 10% cut, and their models would be making just as much as a model who registers with MongoCams independently. If you’re only using the platform as a model referral program, look at it as a 10% lifetime revshare on all models you’re able to refer.

If you’re actually running a studio, and not just using the platform for model referrals, you’ll most likely be cranking your percentage up above 10%. If that’s the case, make sure that you’re offering models enough services to justify the percentage you’re taking from their earnings. Most studios offer consultation, help getting started, promotion, providing physical locations to shoot from and other services.


Integrates Directly With MongoCams Whitelabel and Affiliate Program

EZ Cam Sites also provides a whitelabeled site builder and directly integrates with the MongoCams affiliate program. This allows you to promote MongoCams directly, your whitelabeled version of the site, and the model referral program. Model and studio referral links are added directly to your whitelabeled site. Any registrations that occur from whitelabeled visitors, you’ll receive a revshare from.

It also allows you to advertise your whitelabel directly from your webcam model resource site. When you recruit webcam models for your whitelabeled network, they’ll promote their shows on your network, driving traffic to your site. Whether that traffic spends money on that particular model, or a different model, you’re still earning the whitelabel commissions. If they spend that money on one of your studio models, you earn the whitelabeled commission and the studio percentage. Double bonus!

By promoting the whitelabeled version of MongoCams, you also have the opportunity to generate model leads in addition to customer leads. If a model registers through your whitelabel, you’ll earn the studio revshare, even if the income occurs from MongoCams directly, or another whitelabeled site.

Using your whitelabel to generate model leads, and using studio models to generate customer traffic, is a great way of promoting all the programs MongoCams has to offer.

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Also Make Commissions From Referring Other Studios

In addition to making money off referring models, you can also make money from referring other studios. EZ Cam Sites pays 2.5% revshare on all new studios you are able to refer to them. Best of all, it works off the same referral links for the model referral program. The studio / model signup forms are different sections on the same page. If you’re running a whitelabeled site, those links will also be included on your WL site. Referring other studios is a great way to grow your site. Best of all, it helps grow the MongoCams network. The more whitelabeled sites that are running, the more traffic for your studio models.



Get Started With The MongoCams Model Referral Program!

Ready to get started with MongoCams? Register your Studio / Whitelabel and for the MongoCams Affiliate Program today! MongoCams has found a unique way to tie in their affiliate program, studio and whitelabel platforms for ultimate effectiveness. In addition to monetizing your model taffic, also make money from other studio referrals and by promoting the MongoCams affiliate program. get started today!


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