Panty / Camming Webmasters: PantyBay Affiliate Program


Information On Promoting The PantyBay Affiliate Program

PantyBay is an innovative camming network. PantyBay combines panty selling with live camming. Customers can choose between regular live cams, or from a Panty Babe. When getting a show from a Panty Babe, at the end of the show she writes and signs a note, seals it with the panties from the show and sends them to the user. And you can promote this innovative network through the affiliate program! Here’s all the details.


In-House Affiliate Program Coming Soon!

PantyBay is currently working on an in-house affiliate program. You can still apply for their affiliate program, but all affiliate registrations are on-hold and you will not be accepted until it officially launches. There’s no ETA on launch, but this post and the Camming Webmaster directory page will be updated once that happens.


Currently Promote PantyBay Through CrakRevenue

Currently, the only way to promote PantyBay is through CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue offers a 24% lifetime revshare on all new signups the affiliate refers. In addition to promoting PantyBay, CrakRevenue affiliates are also able to promote a wide range of other camming offers. CrakRevenue also hosts a number of non-camming adult offers and mainstream offers as well.


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