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The ImLive Affiliate Program Powered By PussyCash

PussyCash is the official affiliate program for ImLive. In addition to promoting the popular camming site, PussyCash affiliates will also be able to promote the other sites in the network. Other sites include; Sexier, Supermen, Fetish Gallery, Shemale.com, Cams Creative and iDesires. PussyCash offers some insanely generous commissions, including a $125 PPS! Here’s all the details on PussyCash.


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Get Paid PPS, PPL or Revshare

PussyCash offers multiple programs to promote. The exact PPS, PPL or revshare will vary based on what site you’re promoting. Here’s the different payout programs:

Pay Per Signup – Pay Per Sign-up is a popular payment method among affiliates because it delivers a large sum of money straight-up, the minute a referred user becomes a paying member of a PussyCash site. You basically make the sale, pocket the money and move on. Plus, payment is oftentimes significantly higher than the amount the user has paid to join the site. PussyCash can afford to make it so due to high user value and retention in PussyCash sites.

Lifetime Revshare – With the Rev-Share program, you’ll earn a percentage based commission of whatever your referred user spends at our site, for as long as that user is a member (what we call “lifetime” revenue). Rev Share commissions vary depending on the site you are promoting

Pay Per Lead – Get paid for free memberships. With the pay-per-lead program, webmasters get paid for each account registration, even if they don’t purchase credits.



Advertisements and Promotional Tools Available

PussyCash offers affiliates a wide range of promotional tools to promote ImLive and the other sites in their network. Here is what’s available:

Banners – Standard Banners Provide your traffic with tried and tested graphic banners that will appeal to your site`s audience. These banners were designed by our creative marketing team and have proven to convert traffic.

Real Time Banners – Real Time Banners Real time banners are sky-high conversion tools – they show Hosts who are online and ready to video chat with your site users. They provide your site with constantly-updated content while enabling your users to jump directly to video chat with the Hosts who interest them.

Live Feed Banners – Stream real live action feeds of hosts who are online and ready to chat with users. These banners are proven to convert and are highly interactive as the frames feature hosts live in their chat rooms – no freeze frame, no still shots. The banners are all set in iframe codes that won`t weigh down your site pages.

Live IM Style Ad – IM style live feeds of hosts who are online and ready to chat with users. These messages are proven to convert and are highly interactive as the frames feature hosts LIVE in their chat rooms – no freeze frame, no still shots. The banners are all set in iframe codes that won`t weigh down your site pages and have custom options to best fit the needs of your site and optimize your traffic conversion

Video Ads – Use these video banners to present numerous recorded ImLive VideoChat sessions to your users. Flash object video clips of actual recorded VideoChat sessions are streamed from ImLive servers using Flash Player. Numerous clips are played in random order and automatically change when users refresh the page.

Responsive (Mobile) Flash Pages – Responsive Splash Pages for mobile devices are innovative promotional tools specifically designed for mobile devices such as phones, tablets and phablets. These super-converting pages consist of a simple URL, allowing you to use them in whichever manner you deem most effective, i.e., as a pop-up and/ or pop-under. With eye-catching designs you can use Responsive Splash Pages for mobile devices to grab attention, increase your conversion rate and get the most out of your traffic!

Geo-Targeted Banners – High-converting, geographically-targeted ads identify a user’s IP address and present customized text according to the user’s location. These banners contain static photos of Hosts and are excellent conversion tools for dating sites, social networks, and more.

RSS / XML Feeds – mLive’s customizable RSS feeds provide you with a listing of Hosts who are online and ready to chat with your site users. With these custom RSS feeds, you can pull data and photos for up to 50 Hosts in the niches your prefer; and you can use the data with RSS readers, integrated in your blogs and with various widgets.

Build Your Own Banner – The Build Your Own Banner tool enables you to create tons of quality banners in no time using exclusive content from all of ImLive’s niche Hosts. Choose your favorite niche Host from among ImLive’s 13 available niches, add some enticing text and customize your banner with the text, background and link colors that suit your traffic. The BYOB tool has been helpful to thousands of webmasters in converting straight and gay traffic; and now it can be used to convert all of your niche traffic, as well.

Embeddable Search Banners – Designed Integrated Search Boxes are banners hosted by ImLive that search the database of ImLive Hosts based on a keyword description your users write in the search box. A listing of ImLive VideoChat Hosts who fit the description requested appears in a new browser window; or you may choose to present the results in the same window. Search boxes are highly effective in blog sites, forums and site review websites.


The ImLive Whitelabel Powered By Webcam Wiz

ImLive also offers a whitelabeled version of their site. The ImLive whitelabel is powered by Webcam Wiz. With whitelabels, you’re able to to rebrand a website or product as your own. Whitelabels are a great way to easily deploy your very own camming site. Webmasters earn a revshare from all transactions that occur on the whitelabeled version. ImLive handles all the model management, the hosting and technical aspects of the camming network. All you need to do is promote your whitelabeled version and earn the revshare.

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Are you looking to get started as an adult webcam model? If so, you should consider signing up as a ImLive performer. ImLive is a very popular network with a proven track record. In addition to making money from live camming, also be sure to register with PussyCash and make some additional money from promoting the network and your shows on the network. Get started today!

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