Recruiting Adult Camming Models Through Social Media


Using Social Media To Recruit Amateur Pornstars

Social media is a great way to reach tons of people and advertise your products or services. Social media is primarily a free channel, with some opportunities for buying ad space as well. Because social media can be used free of charge, it’s a great tool to use for hiring adult performers. Here’s some sites to use and some tips on marketing through them.


Recruiting Camgirls / Amateurs Through Twitter

Twitter is a great site for promoting your model referral programs. Twitter is the website of choice for camgirls to market their shows and services. Because of that, there’s already a huge audience on the site that you can reach. Twitter is also adult-friendly, making it that much better of a channel. Here’s some ways to reach camgirls on Twitter:

Hashtags – Search the hashtags relevant to the programs you’re trying to promote. You’ll find tons of camgirls researching the different camming sites. These girls are looking to switch cam sites, or start offering more services. They’re on the fence about joining a particular site and this is your chance to sell them on the network and refer them through your link.

Tweeting out your affiliate links and using the right hashtags is another good tactic. Many camgirls browse the specific hashtags and they could see your tweet and check out the site your promoting. Experiment with different hashtags and figure out what works.

Direct Messages – Twitter has a great private messaging system that makes it easy to directly communicate with individual users. Twitter just made it possible to send much larger direct messages too, making it now much easier to communicate. Since you can compose longer messages, you can give program details and include multiple links inside your message.

Website Link – Each Twitter profile has a website link. This link can direct traffic to your model resource site, if you’ve got one, or you can include a signup link for a model referral program.



Recruiting Webcam Models Through Reddit

Reddit is a great way to reach potential camgirls. There’s tons of subreddits dealing with the adult industry and even camming. You’ll find tons of potential models interested in getting into the industry and asking how to go about it. This is a great source of leads. Remember to be respectful when posting on Reddit and provide valuable information and not just spamming your link.


Recruiting Adult Stars Through Quora

Quora is a question and answer site. Quora has many questions about camming and the adult industry, although they’re somewhat hard to access. The easiest way to find these topics is to do a site search. To do a site search, use Google and type: “ camgirl“. You can replace ‘camgirl‘ with anything you want. This will do a quora site search for whatever you place there. This is an easy way to bypass the search restrictions Quora puts on adult-related searches.

Quora doesn’t allow affiliate marketing, so you’re going to have to be creative to get around this. There are two very easy solutions. The first is to give the person asking the question an email address if they’d like additional information or have any other questions. The other way would be to link to a website you control that contains additional information and the links to the programs your promoting.


Create A Page On is a site for building profile bio pages. It can be used by individuals, brands and websites. You can use to market your model referral programs. Create a model recruiting landing pages with links to the camming sites they can sign up for. does ban adult pages, but it’s generally okay as long as the page doesn’t contain any nudity or overly suggestive text or content.


Hiring Amateur Pornstars Through On Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a great place to reach potential camgirls. There’s tons of potential models asking questions about how to get started in the adult industry. You can get tons of referrals by answering their questions and providing the additional information they need. Camming agents are able to post direct affiliate links without getting banned (unlike Quora) although many affiliates prefer to post links to sites containing additional information and affiliate links.


Create A Model Recruitment Site On Blogspot

Blogspot is a free blogging platform powered by Google. Blogspot allows for adult content if you flag your blog as containing adult material. If there’s no nudity, you can fly without flagging your blog as containing adult material. Since Blogspot is a blogging platform, you have complete control over the HTML of every post. This allows you to create resource micro-niche sites listing the various camming sites that models can sign-up through.

This can make it easier when sharing content across other social media sites, especially those that frown upon affiliate marketing or linking to adult content. You can share the link to your Blogspot blog instead and models can then click-through to the affiliate offers.


Recruiting Adult Webcam Models On YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion

YouTube is the second largest search engine and YouTube videos also show up in Google search results. There’s also tons of other video sites that you can upload your content to as well. People also like video content and it’s much easier than reading for most people. YouTube is also a very active community where people will ask questions that you can respond to and possibly drive a referral.

There is one thing you’ll have to be careful about when


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