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Using Job Sections Of Classified Ads To Recruit Amateur Pornstars

Classified ads and job postings are great for hiring camgirls and amateur pornstars. Most sites and services are free to use and there’s even some classified ads exclusively for the adult industry. Everyone browsing a Help Wanted section is looking for employment and who wouldn’t want to work from home and making great money doing it? Here are some classified job sites you can use to recruit webcam models and some things you should know about them.


Become An Advertiser On SexyJobs

SexyJobs is one of the leading adult job sites. When you purchase ad space in their directory, you also get access to their network of performers who have submitted resumes. There’s tons of potential models who are looking for ways to get started in the adult industry. Being able to message them over the site is just as useful as being added to their directory.


Recruiting Adult Camming Models Through Craigslist

Craigslist is a free service and has amazing traffic. You’re able to target multiple huge cities to reach a very wide audience. Craigslist does allow you to post adult industry jobs, but you have to be respectful about it. Craigslist does not allow affiliate marketing on their site, so if you’re promoting model referral programs, don’t just paste the affiliate URL in the ad and hope to get clicks. Not only will that get the ad removed but you might get banned as well.


Recruiting Amateur Adult Performers Through Backpage

Backpage is a Craigslist alternative. Unlike Craigslist, they’ve got a section for Adult Jobs for each city. Because this section is adult-friendly, you don’t have to worry about being banned quite as much, and the traffic is much more qualified. Everyone browsing that section knows exactly what to expect, making them much more qualified leads.


Posting Help Wanted Ads On LustJobs

LustJobs is a site exclusive to the adult industry. Everyone on LustJobs is either in the adult industry or actively seeking a job there. This makes the leads insanely qualified. There are already tons of people using LustJobs for the exact same thing, so you’ll have to come up with some ways to stand out from the crowd.


Post An Ad On UnholyJobs

UnholyJobs is another adult classified site, similar to LustJobs. Since it’s adult oriented, all the traffic is much more qualified than mainstream classified sites, although they won’t get as much traffic. There’s other people on this site trying to  recruit webcam models the same way, so to compete you’ll have to find a way to stand out from the crowd.


Tips For Posting Good Classified Job Offers

Always include an email address and not a direct registration link – Affiliate marketing isn’t allowed on a lot of these sites and certain website names might auto-flag your job posting.  It’s easier to shoot clickable affiliate links in an email response. You can also answer any questions the model might have. Making sure each model is well-informed and comfortable with camming will increase the chance of the model converting.

Be as accurate as possible when describing the job – If you’re only trying to recruit models for live camming, specify that. If you’re also going to be producing and selling content sets, specify that. You’ll be getting a lot of follow-ups, especially if you don’t specify nudity or that it’s for an adult gig. Being as specific as possible will reduce the number of follow-ups to those that are truly qualified and interested in the position. This will save you tons of time by not having to follow-up with emails from non-qualified leads.

Split-test ad copy and locations – Unless you’re a physical studio, it doesn’t matter where the potential models are from. This gives you the ability to test out ads in different locations. Some locations might perform way better than others. In addition to testing different locations, you should also be testing different ad headlines and bodies to see what kind of ad copy performs the best.

Don’t get banned – Sure, it’s easy enough to create a new account on any of these sites, but it’s always best to not get banned in the first place. Not being banned will keep your ads live and referring valuable traffic. A lot of this might be a gray area for some sites, but try to make your classified ad recruiting as legitimate as possible.

Use good spelling and grammar – This is a job posting. Make it look professional. Proper spelling and grammar is a must.


Tips For Following Up With Potential Models

Have answers to all camming-related questions – The models are going to have questions about the industry and the job. You’re going to have to have all the answers ready for them. The better informed the models you refer are, the better the chance that they’ll convert to earning performers. The camming industry can be complex and overwhelming. It’s your job to guide them through it.

Know the anxieties prospective models have – Most models have tons of anxieties about going into the adult industry. It’s valuable to know what these common anxieties are so you can provide the right solutions. Some examples:

Scared of someone they know seeing them – Provide details of the regional blocking capabilities of the sites you’re promoting.

Concerned about future career opportunities – Many models feel that being in the adult industry can compromise future career opportunities. While this is true, it can also build a bunch of skillsets that can be applied to any industry vertical. This includes tax knowledge, digital marketing skills and more. Also point out that all companies will provide payment and tax forms under a DBA that is different than their company / website name to make things more discrete.

Wondering if it’s a scam – Tell the models to check out the sites for themselves. Also have them review the various camming forums and communities to see the real reviews of the programs. If you’ve built rapport with models you’ve worked with, you might be able to copy them on the email so they can tell the prospective model their experiences with the sites.

Their bodies aren’t perfect – Many models are insecure that they don’t have a body for porn. If a model is insecure about this, explain to them that camming is just as much about personality and interaction as it is about sex and porn. There are many models out there who’s bodies wouldn’t be considered Perfect. There’s even the category BBW (Big Beautiful Women) for the bigger curvy women. Truth is, there’s someone looking for every body type out there and there’s a market for anyone.

No place to perform – With live camming, you need a place to perform. If they don’t have that readily available, and you’re not a physical studio providing space for performing, there’s still some ideas you can propose. Perhaps producing and selling content sets would be more feasible for that model. That can be done on her own discretion and doesn’t require her to keep a schedule and work in a distraction-free environment. You can also propose that the model finds a partner to perform with. Couple / group shows are very popular and if the other performer(s) have the place to perform, it solves the problem.

Needs money now / doesn’t want to wait for payout – There are many potential models that are looking to the adult industry because they’re desperate. Maybe it’s late rent or a foreclosure, new bills that just stacked up, or recent change of employment. Many of these models want guaranteed money and fast. Sometimes it’s best to avoid these models, as I’ve found they are trouble. You should explain to them how the sites that you’re partnered with operate and that the payment schedule isn’t something that can be modified. If that doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t work for them.


Get Paid To Recruit Webcam Models!

Ready to get paid recruiting camgirls and amateur adult stars? There’s tons of sites that offer model referral programs. Promote jobs for adult cam performers, adult content sellers and more. Earn commission or revshare on your referrals. To see what’s available, check out our section on amateur adult model referral programs.

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