Recruiting Webcam Models Through Forums and Communities

There are many camming forums and communities, and there’s even more adult forums out there. These forums and communities can be a great way to reach potential models. Especially the camming communities. By posting in these communities, you’re able to reach qualified model traffic without having to do SEO and get content ranked. Forum posts get more attention than tweets or Facebook posts and can easily refer more traffic to your site or the affiliate programs you’re promoting. Here’s some tips for using forums for model referral programs.


Don’t Spam The Forums

Please don’t spam the forums. Don’t be that guy with only 1 post, which is a topic “Webcam Models Wanted” with a bullshit pitch and a model referral link. Nobody likes that guy, and you’ll go nowhere doing that. It’s a great way to get your account, and maybe your IP address banned and you will not get any commissions from it. Best you can expect is to get roasted by the community before the topics deleted. Most forums have an anti-spam policy, and not many of the members are going to trust a single topic from an account with one post. Which segways us into the next point.


Be A Part Of The Community

Be a part of the community. Add value to the forums, make intelligent posts and legitimately care about it. Things are much better when you’ve got rapport with the models. They know you’re not there to exploit them for revenue (they’ve seen that before) and have a little bit more trust in what you have to say. By being a part of the community, you’ll also learn more about the industry, which is very important for anyone making money from model referral programs.


Use Your Forum Signature

Your forum signature space is a non-intrusive way to promote model referral programs. How you want to go about it is completely up to you. You can either place direct affiliate links directly into the forum signature, or place links to web pages with affiliate links on them. Either way can be highly effective. This enables traffic and earning potential, simply by posting in the forum as a regular member.


Use The Forum For Backlinks

In addition to driving direct revenue, it’s possible to use the forums to build backlinks back to your main website or blog. Google looks at the number of links a website has to determine it’s rankings. The more links the better. Google is smart and realized that forums make it easy to build backlinks, so the forum backlinks don’t hold as much weight as many other type of sites. It will still help with your SEO though, even if just slightly.


Con: Most Forum Members Already Have A Camming Site

The one major con is that most of the members already belong to a camming site. It’s a camming community. Thus a community of camming models. Most models aren’t about to switch sites and ditch their fans and followers just because someone made a forum post advertising a camming network. There is a silver-lining though. All the models on the forum are already in the industry and already know the ropes. That makes them highly qualified leads. Maybe a camgirl wants to start selling clips. She already has a camming site, but you can always drop some links to some of the clip-selling sites.


Strategy: Announcing News-Worthy Stories

If a company has something newsworthy, it makes for a great forum post. It could be a site redesign, new features added, major star-power joining the site, ect. The simple strategy is to create a new thread announcing the new feature. Hyperlink the site name with your referral link. Since it’s something newsworthy, it’s not a spammy “Join This Camming Site” thread. It’s also relevant and adding discussion and value to the community. A win for everyone.


Strategy: Answering Questions

Models and potential models often use the forums to ask questions. Answering questions is not only a great way to build rapport, but also a great way to drive traffic to your website or directly to the affiliate offers. For example, a model might ask; “What is a good alternative for __________”. That model is obviously looking too switch sites. A simple answer with some good alternatives can easily result in a referral and commission. There’s all types of questions that get asked everyday that work great for this strategy. You’re also providing value for the model and building rapport with the community.


List Of Camming Forums and Communities

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