Recruiting Webcam Models Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Recruiting Webcam Models Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re planning on becoming a camming agent, web development and SEO are two things you’re going to have to learn. Google traffic is one of the best traffic sources for affiliate marketers. The advantage of SEO is that the models actually Google queries such as “How do I become a camgirl?” or “How to get started in the adult industry“. If you are at the top of the rankings for what the models are searching for, you’ll get tons of qualified traffic that will lead to commissions.


Building The Model Recruiting Site

For building the website, I would highly suggest the WordPress platform. WordPress is insanely easy to use, even with minimal knowledge of HTML and coding. There’s also tons of 3rd party plugins that will help you add increased functionality to your site. This ranges from cool widgets to being able to sync with your social media and automate some of your posting.

Here’s some adult web hosts. Even if your site doesn’t feature any nudity, it will link to adult sites and be adult in nature. You don’t want to take any chances. It would be awful if your site got taken offline due to the web host feeling it violated their terms of service.


How Does SEO Work?

There are two major elements to search engine optimization; the onsite work and the offsite work. The onsite optimization deals with the actual content itself. Most of it is blogging and curating the actual content. The offsite portion is all about linkbuilding. Linkbuilding is creating or earning links from other websites to your website. Google uses the number of links to decide how much authority a website should carry.


Onsite SEO For Camming Agents

Since you’re trying to recruit webcam models, the majority of the information you write is going to be resources and guides for adult camming. Some great content ideas is network reviews, tips and best practices and guides on how to get started camming. When blogging, think of what kind of keywords and search phrases you’re going to b targeting with that particular blog post. Make sure all the writing has to do with that specific subject matter and it’ll have a higher chance of ranking.

Here’s some of the important onsite elements.

Header Text – Google puts more weight on what’s in the header text (<h1>, <h2>, ect.) than normal text. Having keyword rich titles and subtitles can help your content rank better. It’s also a great way to organize the content itself. As an example, take a look at what I placed in the header-text of this particular blog post. You’ll notice that it’s all geared towards SEO and camming agents, which is the search terms I’m targeting with this particular post.

URL Structure – Once again, check out this post for an example. You see how the title basically becomes the URL structure? And you notice how everything is lowercase and separated-by-dashes? Google looks at URLs to try to determine what the content is about. Having keywords or even whole search phrases as the URL structure will help the content rank higher for that. Shorter URL structures are also better, but you can’t fit as many words in a short URL. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.

Images – Images can help the SEO of a page. To get the best value out of the images, make sure the names are formatted just the URL (lowercase, keyword rich, words separated by dashes). Also include a meta title. Google looks at all of this to determine the content of a page, and Google likes multimedia because web surfers do as well.

Good, Unique Content – Google likes good and unique content. Having a wide range of fresh content on your site is important for search engine rankings. Duplicate content can work and it’s possible to rank it, but Google will generally try to go with the original content source as far as the first rankings go.

Internal Links – Google looks at internal links in the same way as backlinks. PageRank is passed through the internal links and the anchor text is used to determine what the linked-to content is about. You can actually use the internal linking on a site to direct the PageRank to the important pages that you want ranked.


Offsite SEO For Camming Models

Offsite SEO basically means linkbuilding. PageRank is the term used to describe the ranking power that transfers from site to site via hyperlinks. PageRank will pass through internal links as well as outbound external links. Linkbuilding is all about getting as many (quality) links going from other sites to your site. But keep in mind that not every link is created equal. Here’s some things to keep in mind when linkbuilding.

DoFollow Vs NoFollow Backlinks – DoFollow backlinks pass on PageRank to the linked-to pages and sites. NoFollow backlinks do not. The reason NoFollow links were created was due to SEOs manipulating the backlink algorithms. By changing the links from DoFollow to NoFollow, there’s less incentive for spammy SEOs to build crap links for the sole purpose of passing on PageRank.

That doesn’t mean that NoFollow links are useless. Search engines will still look at the anchor text of NoFollow backlinks. Search engines will also crawl these links, meaning that they’ll spend more time on your site, which is important for getting new content indexed.

NoFollow backlinks also help maintain a balanced backlink portfolio. Since many social media links are NoFollow, it would seem unnatural if a website only had DoFollow links. Social media sharing is more common than backlinking in blog posts and other internet content, therefore most sites should have more NoFollow than DoFollow backlinks.

Be Careful About Spammy Links! – Not all links will help your site. Back in the day, link-farms became popular and people were selling links to make money and game the search engines. Google put a stop to this and now artificial links and link-farms can get you manually banned from the search results. That’s why it’s always important to only build high quality links and to not participate in spammy linkbuilding schemes.

Hyperlinked Text Is Important – The anchor text, or the highlighted words that people click on, is very important. Google uses this to help determine what the linked-to content is about. So in addition to passing on PageRank to the linked-to page, you can also change up the anchor text to target specific keywords and search phrases. You don’t want to use worthless anchor text like “Click Here” for your links.


How To Effectively Do SEO For Model Referral

First, you need to know that you’re not going to rank for all the important search terms overnight. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s a gradual process. You’ll want to do a lot of blogging on various camming-related content. Be very conscientious of your internal links and use them to shift PageRank to the important pages. For example, if you’ve got a piece of content; Guide To Getting Started With Adult Camming, you might want to include links to that with all your blog posts on camming tips and best practices. Eventually, you’ll get that piece of content ranked. That’s also a very important piece of content to have ranked as it’ll target all the models who are trying to get started in camming. That’s a very valuable piece of content that will earn a lot of conversions.

You’ll also want to try to build up as many links as possible. This can be done through social media channels, blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and and any other places you can think of. You’ll want to join many of the adult / camming communities and forums and share content (don’t be spammy) and use signature links. Some SEOs claim that forum links are no longer good, but they’ll help as long as it’s not insanely manipulated.

If you can do any guest blogging (shoot an email to if you want to discuss opportunities on some of my sites) that’s the perfect way to get valuable links from other sites. Another linkbuilding technique is called link-baiting. With link-baiting, you write content that other people in the same niche would want to link to. Other agents probably aren’t going to link to your site, but if you can come up with some great tips and tricks for models, you might get some bloggers in the camming niche to link to your site.

Once you start ranking for some search queries, you’ll get a better idea of how models and potential models are using Google. Use this to your advantage and start tailoring more of the content to what your traffic is looking for. Remember that every piece of content is a new longtail search result, and the more blogging you do the more search terms you’ll be able to dominate. Keep blogging and be mindful of all the ranking algorithm signals and eventually you’ll get to where you need to be.