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ExoticAds: Traffic Trading Site For Publishers and Advertisers

ExoticAds is a new  publisher / advertiser adult display ad network. As of right now, ExoticAds only offers banner ads, but new ad choices might be on the way, according to an email conversation I had with ExoticAds. ExoticAds caught my attention because Chaturbate uses the ad network for their ads. I’m curious if Chaturbate isn’t the company behind ExoticAds.


Buy / Sell Cost-Per-Click Ad Spaces

ExoticAds is a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) network. That means that traffic is sold and purchased based on each click. If you’re an advertiser, you’ll pay for every click on your banner ads and if you’re a publisher, you’ll get paid for every click on your banner ads. The amount paid per click depends on the advertisers bidding on the ad space and the country the traffic originates from.



Publishers That ExoticAds Doesn’t Accept

ExoticAds won’t accept publishers / sites that contain the following:

  • Content that appears to be created without participant’s consent
  • Fake or automated traffic
  • Individuals look under 18 or not 2257 compliant
  • Non-established site
  • Not enough non-advertising based content
  • Present malware advertising on site
  • Site contains abuse material
  • Sites that expressly promote illegal activity
  • Suspected unauthorized use of copyrighted content hosted on the site


Rules For Advertising On Chaturbate

if you’re trying to advertise on Chaturbate, there’s some extra criteria that advertisers must be compliant with. Ads that do not fit these criteria but are approved for RON will be run on other publishers’ zones.

On Chaturbate it is prohibited to display ads that:

  • Advertise another cam site or service;
  • Have animated or blinking buttons or text;
  • Prominent male genitalia on straight ads
  • Have content which misleads users. ie; (close buttons, input boxes, play buttons, etc.);
  • Contain images with less than a 1 second delay between frames on the top banner and side skyscrapers
  • Landing page has on exit javascript alerts.

Register For ExoticAds Today!

Register for ExoticAds today and start buying or selling traffic. Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, all adult webmasters have something to gain from ExoticAds, plus it’s the only ad network for placing ads on the popular Chaturbate site.

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