“The Webcam Pimp” Loves To Rip Off Content

The Webcam Pimp

I Laugh Every Time This Happens

How the hell did I even run into this clown anyway? Honestly don’t even remember. Some [very] drunk Googling, examine the SERPs and playing around with SEO late at night. Which, cheers to you for actually being able to rank something while your site is under construction. And by under construction, I mean blatantly ripping off my resources.

I always love when I become an evangelist of sorts. When nobody is doing quite what you’re doing. But people take notice, so they try to replicate. Some do a good job, some do an incredibly shitty job.

I’m honestly really interested to see how this project turns out. It’s always fun watching the various camming resource niche sites that have popped up after people have ran across what I’m doing. Hell, even some of the major camming sites have taken notice to what I’m doing and have tried replicating it.

This project will be fun and interesting to watch. Cheers, Webcam Pimp.

Hopefully the dude at least had enough em, “honor”, is that the right word? “Common Decency”, I believe works better. Yes, we’ll go with that; Hopefully the dude at least had enough common decency to use my ref links when registering. If not. Meh. I always love a good SERP war 😉

BTW, friendly hint. The webmaster / affiliate referral side isn’t where the moneys at. It’s the model / customer lifetime revshares where you’re going to get rich. For what it’s worth, Chaturbate, Crakrevenue, Camspower and AWEmpire are where it’s at, for affiliate referrals, at least.

Cheers, and your welcome for the tips. Want to bounce any more off my head? Email info@webcamstartup.com. Feel free to completely scrape Webcam Startup, too, by the way. Takes more than great onsite content to rock the SERPs. Trust me, going against the actual camming sites, all the studios, all those stupid ICAMZ affiliates, ect. was actually kind of brutal. Couldn’t imagine going up against Webcam Startup on top of that. Maybe someday I give that a try (round 2) just for fun and practice.

Anyways, good luck!