How To Build An Adult Camming Affiliate Site With WordPress


How To Turn WordPress Into An Adult Webcam Affiliate Site

WordPress is a very popular platform for creating websites and blogs. It’s insanely user-friendly, customizable, search engine friendly and has a huge 3rd party developer community. WordPress has quickly become the CMS of choice for web developers everywhere. WordPress can be used to make just about any kind of website imaginable, including an adult camming affiliate site. In fact, there are networks that have even released special themes and plugins for just that. As well as developers who have written scripts accomplishing the same objectives. Here’s all the details.


WordPress Adult Camming Themes and Plugins

As mentioned above, there’s multiple camming plugin and themes. These plugins can be used to easily convert your WordPress site into a camming affiliate site. Import model data to fully populate your WordPress blog. Syncs with the affiliate program so that you get commissions for any traffic your camming niche site produces. Here is what’s available:


RoboScripts Auto Blogger – More than a plugin or a theme. RoboScripts is a script to fully automate your WordPress blogs. It works with the Chaturbate, BongaCams, Streamate and LiveJasmin API to fully automate the WordPress blogging. You’re able to enter your affiliate information and get commissions from all the traffic you refer to the networks. Works with the Chimp Rewriter API to spin the text to avoid duplicate content. Can either run a single blog, or automate a multi-blog site.


XLoveCam – XLoveCam autoblogging scripts. XLoveCam provides a full WordPress install with their plugins and themes. This makes it easy to deploy your very own camming autoblog site.

More Information: XLoveCam Affiliate Program


iFriends – iFriends offers a collection of WordPress plugins. These plugins might be as simple as adding pop-unders to your site, but can also display live feeds and list of models currently online.

More Information: iFriends Affiliate Program


Visit-X / PornMe – Visit-X and PornMe is a popular German camming site and clip selling site. They offer a WordPress theme and plugins that allow you to import and feature their camming models and adult content for sale on your WordPress site.


Camming Affiliate Programs Offering Embeddable Content

There’s also a handful of camming sites that allow you to embed chatrooms and other content directly into your WordPress blog. Your affiliate links are automatically included in the embed and you get commissions from any click-through and registrations that occur. Here is what’s available:


Chaturbate – Adding a Chaturbate model’s chat to your website is simple. On each model profile / chat page, there’s a tab; Share and Earn. On this tab, there’s fields for links and an embed code to add the chat room to a webpage. Simply copy the code and paste it wherever you want the chat room to appear. You’ll earn credits for any referrals.

More Information: Chaturbate Affiliate Program


LiveJasmin – The LiveJasmin affiliate program has an iframe builder tool. That tool can be used to create a feed for a particular model. In addition to building feeds for individual models, you can build generic iframe chat room embeds based on certain criteria. Customize the iframe embed the way you want and add it to your website or blog.

More Information: LiveJasmin Affiliate Program


BongaCams – BongaCams offers an embeddable chatroom. It’s a random chat that’s tailored to the viewer’s IP / country. In addition to being able to embed the top performing chat rooms, there’s also a selection of iframes and other ad types displaying a feed of online models.

More Information: BongaCams Affiliate Program


Quick Guide To Installing WordPress

I’ve written a guide to installing WordPress on another site that goes into the process in detail. If you want a detailed how-to on how to install WordPress, check it out. Otherwise, I’ve included a quick walkthrough below:

  1. Download WordPress
  2. Purchase domain name / hosting plan
  3. Upload WordPress to the web host
  4. Unzip and move to the proper location
  5. Create a database
  6. Punch the website address into the browser
  7. Enter database and site info on web-based installer
  8. Configure WordPress

And that’s it! WordPress is installed! Now you’re able to upload all the camming plugins and themes and build out your site.


More Resources For Adult WordPress Sites

In addition to the guide to setting up a WordPress site I’ve got going on my other resource site, there’s some additional helpful resources available. I’ve also got posts on adult WordPress themes and adult WordPress plugins. It’ll list some of the available themes and plugins that you can use for building up your WordPress sites. One of the greatest things about WordPress is the 3rd party developer community. Plugins and themes area a great example of these. The right plugins and themes can add tons of functionality to your WordPress site.

Here’s some other helpful blog posts:

How To Do Adult SEO – SEO is very important for any webmasters, especially in the adult industry. Making sure that your site is ranking highly on Google and other search engines will guarantee a steady stream of search engine traffic. Search traffic is also some of the most qualified traffic, as they’re specifically searching for the type of content you’re offering them. Learn all about doing SEO as an adult webmaster.

Building A Camming Model Resource Site – In addition to building an affiliate site for customers, it’s also possible to make money promoting the camming sites to models. WordPress is a perfect platform for this. Here’s a blog post giving some tips on how to build model resource sites.


See Also: White Labeled Camming Sites

You might also consider looking at the different whitelabels offered by some of the camming sites. A whitelabel is where you’re able to rebrand an existing camming site as your own. The camming site will handle all the hosting, model acquisition, technology, service and other aspects of running the site. All you need to focus on is promoting your whitelabel and earning a share of the revenue.

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Camming Site CMS and Scripts

WordPress is an awesome CMS and blogging platform. But sometimes, it’s better to go with something that was designed for a specific purpose. It saves the time and trouble of having to hack a blogging platform into something totally different. There are many scripts and CMS out there that are designed to build camming sites and other adult sites. If you’re looking to create an actual webcam network, and not just an affiliate / promotional site, this is totally the way to go. Check out some of the scripts available for the adult / camming niche.

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