Make Money With The YouKandy Referral Program

YouKandy Referral Program

YouKandy Affiliate Program: Make Money Off Customers and Models

YouKandy is a popular adult marketplace site that allow models to get paid offering a wide range of services. YouKandy specializes in the sale of photo and video content. That’s not the only way models can get paid, however. Models can also earn money from live camming, accepting custom content requests and selling access to premium social networks such as Kik and Snapchat. Here’s all the details on the YouKandy referral program.


Earn $5 On Customer Referrals

Earn $5 on all your customer referrals. Whenever a customer who signed up using your link makes their first top-off, you’ll receive a $5 commission. The customer doesn’t need to make their first purchase in any limited length of time. If your customer referrals don’t purchase credits right away, you’ll still get credit if they do so in the future.


Earn $10 On Model Referrals

Earn $10 on your model referrals. Affiliates promoting the YouKandy referral program will get paid when their model referrals make their first sale. It doesn’t matter the sale price on the gallery or the video. The model also doesn’t have to make a sale in any specific timeframe. If the model doesn’t start uploading and selling til a year later, you’ll still get credit.


Start Promoting The YouKandy Referral Program

Ready to get started promoting YouKandy? Signup today! There aren’t any special studio accounts. If you register as either a model, studio or customer, you’ll find the referral program from inside your dashboard. YouKandy has a single link that works for both model and customer referrals. Make $10 per every model referral, and $5 from customer referrals. Get started promoting YouKandy now.


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